Wednesday, November 18, 2015

DIY: Holiday Ornaments Using Crayons

I love making gifts for friends and family for the holidays. Here's a super and fun craft project/gift idea you can make this holiday season using crayons!!!

You Will Need: 
- Crayons
- Exacto knife
- Clear plastic or glass bulbs 
- Hair dryer

How To Make: 

1. Pick your crayons in your desired colour palette you can use broken crayons you may have around the house. I found shaving them with an exact knife created fine flakes and made it easier to melt and also loved the flaky look. If your flakes are too big you can also break up into smaller pieces with your finger tips.

2. Take your clear ball and remove the top.

3. Place your small shaved pieces of crayon inside the ball.

4. Once you have filled your ball, place the top back on.

5. Take your hair dryer and aim at the ball. Make sure to constantly rotate your ball in order to evenly coat the inside of your ball with your bits of crayon. You may want to use gloves as the ball does get hot especially the metal topper. 

*NOTE: If you are using the plastic balls they will melt as well due to the heat so make sure to rotate fast and keep an eye on maintaining their shape at the same time melting the crayon bits as well. 

6. Once all your pieces start to adhere to the ball and leaves a desired pattern you're done!
The longer you heat, the crayons will eventually melt together and give a milky/stain glass appearance which also looks pretty. Heres what each style will look like. 

Be creative and have fun!

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