Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Make-Up Tip: Fresh Summer Glow

Make-Up Tip:  Fresh Summer Glow
Love It or List It's Make-up Artist, Jasmine Duffey shares the benefits of using one of my favourite skin products 
Girl Meets Pearl by Benefit         

Benefit Girl Meets Pearl

www.benefit cosmetics.com $30.00
(I buy mine from Shoppers Drugmart)

Why do we love this fab luminizer?  
Golden Pink Shade – Which means it doesn’t reflect white. Illuminating products that reflect white are often too intense for tv and women with medium to darker completions. 

Tiny Reflective Pigments  - Nothing ruins a makeup look more that heavy looking areas of chunky frost. 

Multi-Use – This can be used over or under other products.  For the show, we use it under (or mixed with) liquid foundation.  I like that it gives the skin a natural dewiness which looks more real on tv.

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