Friday, February 13, 2015

DIY - How to Make a Linen Headboard

Have a basic metal bed frame? Here's my DIY linen headboard to jazz it up.

You Will Need....

1. Drywall Screws and Plugs
2. Measuring Tape
3. Spray Adhesive
4. Staples
5. Exato Knife
6. Fabric Scissors
7. Staple Gun
8. 3 Yards of Linen Fabric (or fabric of your choice)
9. L Track Brackets (used for closet organization)
10. 1" Foam 48"x65" or 2 pieces like I used 24"x65"
11. Batting on a sheet 48" x 65" 
Qty: 2
12. 3/8" MDF 48"x 65" 
Before starting find a clean well ventalated spot, outside on a tarp is best. Having an extra set of hands is also a bonus.

Step 1
Cut foam to size

Step 2
Spray adhesive the foam to the MDF

 Step 3
Cut batting slightly oversize of the MDF and layer twice over the foam

Step 4
Flip the board and wrap the batting over the edges and staple to the MDF
Do this all the way around at 1" apart

Step 5
Cut extra batting off

Step 6
Wrap your fabric over the batting and staple 1" apart as well. Make sure to check as you go around that your edges are clean. Slit your corner and wrap like a present.
Once completed cut off any access fabric 

Step 7 
Screw 1 of the closet L brackets with the edge facing down onto the back of your headboard.

Step 8
Using the drywall anchors and screws mount the other L bracket onto the wall.

 Step 9
Hook and lock the bracket on the back of your headboard to the bracket mounted on the wall.

Step 10.
You are now finished and ready to add your mattress and frame.


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  1. Desta, great idea to hold a good fluffy headboard!, in room facing north we use a polyurethane decorative plate as a headboard.