Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The How to Guide of Creating a Room

When designing any space there has to be a starting point/inspiration.  Just like a lot of things it's hard to get started but once you get going things get easier.
My inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere from tiles spotted in Mexico,textiles used on the runway or the colour combinations in graffiti . I spotted this fabulous rug on Chairish and was inspired to build a mid century modern room around it and wanted to share steps I take into creating a room.

5 Steps to help you achieve a fabulous space that can be applied to any style of room.

Step #1 Pick your inspiration : 
Mine was this fabulous rug, love the pattern and colour. Rugs are great addition to any space they add pattern,texture,warm and define areas and help "ground" the space 

Step #2 Select your practical & larger pieces :
Since your larger pieces of furniture take up more space and these are must haves in your room we start selecting here like this fabulous sofa, since the rug was neutral I wanted to bring in this gorgeous,structured,peacock blue sofa. (keeping with my mid-century modern look)
Next source a coffee table, I love this two piece that can be used pushed together or pulled apart great for entertaining (and it's unique) not a fan of glass coffee tables, they get dirty fast and I always fear people are going to walk into them. Last but not least add a side table. You want the extra surface for a side table lamp and for placing drinks down etc. if your coffee table is wood nows your chance to bring in another finish/texture into the room it can be metal,plexiglass,smoked or coloured glass.Mix it up!

Step #3 Paint:
Between the rug and the colour of the sofa I use this opportunity to merry the two together with paint which helps bridge that gap and ties it all together.

Step #4 Lighting:
I'm obsessed with lamp lighting. I love the warmth lamp lighting brings it's cozy and brings a lovely glow to everyones faces. Lamps do not nor should they be matching. Different shades,bases = yes!  I like the play and the mix between a table top and a floor lamp, playing with different heights and looks.

Step #5 Accessories:
Accessories are the bling/jewellery of the room. Add metal and even mix the different finishes of metal. Toss pillow help with texture and pattern again they do not have to match at all, use different shapes,fabrics,tassels,no tassels etc. Make sure all you're pieces either has purpose like the book ends I've chosen or you LOVE them. Don't waste space & clutter up those shelves with chachkas that have zero meaning. Your home should reflect who you are. Your spaces should only have items that have purpose or brings joy not some random figurine that you feel guilted into displaying cause your family or friend gave it to you 15 years ago.
Decor pieces can be added slowly over time from your travels,visits to antique markets or precious heirlooms. Environments play a major role in our daily psyche so by surrounding yourself with things you love and having order to your home will be reflected in the way you feel in your space.   
Designing should be fun.... so have fun!


#2: Brutalist Table Lamp

#3: Mid-Century Laurel Floor Lamp

#4: Chrome Jacks Bookends by Bill Curry 

#5: Tony Paul Attributed XO Wire Frame Table 

#6: Benjamin Moore - Colour: October Mist

#7: Mid-Century Modern Low Tables 

#8: Isaac Mizrahi Safvieh Geometric Rug

#9: Large Brass Swan Planter

#10: Metal Starburst Wall Sculpture 

#11: Metallic Silver Pillow

Blue Indigo Cotton Heavy Fabric Pillow Cover

Black & White Freckled Cowhide Pillow

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